About Us

Why do we exist? This was a question we asked when first kicking the tires on developing a storefront for Midtown Coffee & Creamery in the then almost vacant Sherwood Shopping Center.

One obvious reason is, “To provide goods and services to a part of town others have forgotten.” But providing goods and services isn’t the complete picture. After hours of prayer, a calling became clear — “to feed the people.”

Yes, the obvious takeaway is the literal interpretation of opening a café. However, it’s much more nuanced. If the last two years have been any indicator, we are starving.

We’re starving for real moments with people across the town and across the aisle from us. Feeding the people isn’t just about food nourishment, it’s feeding the mind, body and soul.

Those of us at Midtown want to nourish the people of Troy with great food and memorable moments.

Our food is top quality, and we strive to offer selections friendly to people with some of the most common allergies. We are very transparent with our ingredients and have an allergy menu available at the register. If you have questions about one of our items, please ask us.

We also provide opportunities for special moments, from a variety of family-friendly events to simple selfies. Keep an eye on our e-newsletter for upcoming events. When you are at Midtown Coffee & Creamery, make a moment with a selfie in front of the mural painted by Dayton artist Atalie Gagnet of the “Dayton Inspires” selfie wall fame. Then share your photo on social media tagged with #midtownmoments We might feature the photo of your moment in our newsletter!